There are many accidents between a bicycle and a car that you easily remember.

On April 29, 2015, Rachel Hall, age 22, was struck by a car while riding her bike along the campus of Temple University campus. She sustained injuries, specifically a head trauma. Young athlete Rachel was supposed to graduate but instead spent many months recovering in a rehabilitation hospital.

On May 10, 2015, 26-year-old Vijay Mohan, young filmmaker and activist died due to a bike accident in Philadelphia.  Another life was wasted when a reckless Buick driver hit his bicycle along Girard Ave.

On June 10, 2015: Adelso Matos-Garcia, age 17, died when a DUI driver hit his bike while he was biking in Hunting Park. The high school student had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.

There are 5 behaviors of drivers that lead to bicycle accidents in PA:

1. Executing dangerous turns РDrivers at the corner likely execute turns in front of an approaching bicyclist. This is dangerous if the driver was not able to estimate the speed of the bicycle.  By making a left hand turn, the driver is cutting off the path of the biker causing collision; while a right hand turn knocks the bicyclist over or forces him into the path of the turning vehicle. Both types of turns result to serious injury.

2. Dangerous Passing: Drivers passing a bicycle must give the bicyclist enough space. If divers pass too closely, biker maybe sideswiped by the side-view mirror. Large vehicles likely caused drafts that can force the bicyclist off the road or push the bike into traffic.

3. Disregard of bike lanes: Pa drivers should be extra careful and watch for bicyclists when they are driving near bike lanes. It is important to be careful in driveways and intersections where the bicyclist shares the lane with other vehicles. Car drivers and bicyclists share the same rights of way as other drivers.

4. Opening car doors: Driver opening car door into the path of an on-coming bicyclist is at risk. The bicyclist might be hit by the door and knocked off right into the path of a moving vehicle.

5. Failure to estimate the ability of bicyclist to brake: Normally, a car stops in about five seconds but a bicycle takes longer. In fact, braking suddenly can throw rider over the bike straight into the street. Drivers should not assume that bicyclists can make sudden stops.

Vehicle drivers and bicyclists share the road. They have the same rights and responsibilities to make the road safe and sound for all commuters. Bicyclists look insignificant on the road so they must also do their part to prevent accidents. They wear proper safety gear, bright clothes and following strictly the rules of the road. However, reckless drivers are often the nemesis of even the most experienced bicyclists.

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