Education Director, Megan Rosenbach of the Bicycle Coalition recently met with representatives connected with the PECO Energy Company to disseminate the importance of bicycle laws, safety, and courtesy.

On Friday, April 8, 2016, Rosenbach met with the75 attendees representing over 12 of PECO’s contracting companies in the region.

PECO hire workers for variety of jobs since contracting companies deployed employees who operate service trucks across the state. They learned updated information about the work of Greater Philadelphia’s Bicycle Coalition and how to drive safely around bicyclists.

Rosenbach stated that cycling in the region grew by 260% t from 2005-2013; however, more than 100 people annually lost their lives in traffic crashes in Philadelphia.

She emphasized the importance of: (1) developing relationship involving respect for each other and keeping the road safe for all users; and (2) always placing human beings at the core of communications. She did not speak about “cars” and “bicycles,” but of “drivers” and “bicyclists”; the humans are more important than the vehicles.

She spoke of the hard and fast laws that every professional drivers must know—like the 4ft passing law, that bicycles as legal vehicles can ride in the middle of a traffic lane, that people over age 13 need must off the sidewalks on their bikes and that riding with headphones is not only illegal but unsafe. She discussed these laws and answered questions posed by attendees.

She reviewed among others: (1) how to avoid some of the most common car and bicycle crashes; (2) explained “dooring” and the “right hook” practices where a bicyclist going straight is being hit by a turning vehicle; (3) gave an interesting discussion about the nuanced aspects of sharing the road like honking is allowed only for emergencies; and (4) why bicyclists do not have to “move over” for motor vehicle drivers.

The meeting was the best place to talk about issues affecting drivers in relation to bicycle riders. There are many drivers who do not realize that bicycles are considered like 4-wheel vehicles on the roads and have also their own rights and privileges.

The presentation was satisfactory to all attendees that they suggested handout on bicycle laws and safety will be included in Contractor website of PECO.

Among the six core values of PECO is safety. The company has been always behind Philly’s program of Bicycle Coalition’s Safe Routes through their charitable projects since 2012. More recently, they have emphasized circulation about bicycle laws and safety information.  Director Rosenbach will be addressing another crowd at PECO, the Front Line Supervisors, in May.

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