Last Sunday, a hit-and-run driver left a bicyclist in critical condition in West Philadelphia. A local bicycle group is asking for prompt action to apprehend the driver.

Police reported that the victim as 26-year-old Jamal Morris who was biking near the intersection of 45th and Market streets about 3:45 o’clock morning of Saturday. He was fatally struck and the driver fled from the scene. Morris was transported to the Presbyterian Hospital, where he sustained critical and serious injuries. He later succumbed due to massive head trauma from the crash.

Traffic officers from the Accident Investigation Division found Morris’ red bike that was badly damaged. It indicated the bike had been struck by a car. Police were sorry to report that say they were not able to recover any physical evidence indicating about the car that hit him.

Due to blatant hit-and-run action, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia promptly calls on lawmakers for fast action.

Randy LoBasso, representing the Bicycle Coalition, said that crashes in hit-and-run traffic crashes that occurred at 45th and Market Street early Saturday morning seem to be increasingly common in Philadelphia. This is a serious and tough problem that must be stopped. There could have been many reasons for the crash as illegal speed, using mobile behind the wheel, or DUI.

As bicyclist is fighting for his life after he was critically struck in a hit-and-run in West Philadelphia early Saturday morning, LoBasso called on authorities to enforce traffic laws to prevent more crashes. He also stated that more red-light cameras and speed cameras be installed as deterrent to negligent drivers.

LoBasso hopes that state government will move forward and mandate important measures before another cyclist is injured.

While police continue their investigation, they have not released any information of the hit-and-run vehicle.

Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is a non-profit group whose advocacy is to makes bicycling a safe, It is fun to pedal around the Region. This group is the proponent of the successful building of over 200 miles of bike lanes, giving inspiration to the Circuit trail network and encouraging bike share to Philadelphia. They continually advocate for connected network of streets safe for bicycling and walking. Starting in 1972, the organization partnered with the community governmental, public and private actors in order to effect change that makes our streets safer for everyone. They take their work seriously but they enjoy riding a bike. For them, it is not only fun, but convenient, healthy, green and affordable,

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