An interesting finding of a study conducted by the Mineta Transportation Institute proved that bike share presented a better safety track record compared with personal cycling. WHYY reporter Tom MacDonald who is a lifelong Philadelphia area resident said that researcher Elliot Martin at the Mineta Transportation Institute claimed that bike sharers maintain cleaner safety record although irregular in wearing safety helmets. This fact has interesting implications for the long standing debate ongoing over helmets and the helmet promotion status considered as a policy priority.

The recent Governors Highway Safety Association report estimated that there is a 10% national increase in pedestrian fatalities for 2015. According to articles of reporter Ed Blazina, the highest recorded annual increase since the yearly report of Spotlight on Highway Safety that began in 1975. Pennsylvania was considered as one of top spots in the report; however, in the first half of the year, pedestrian fatality rate went down.

MTI researchers consulted industry experts to discover why bike-sharers are able to man their vehicles safely on the road compared to cyclists using personal bikes.

Here are the key safety statistics: There has been no death associated with bike shares in over 35 million rides. In comparison are 21 deaths for every100 million rides for cyclists overall. Researchers came up with some possible reasons for the difference. Here are some of them:

1. Rental bikes are clunkier, more durable and heavier that is harder to go fast. Tires are wider that deal better with potholes. Lighter bikes trade speed and convenience for safety.

2. Bike shares ride along areas where vehicles drive slowly in traffic-jammed city blocks. Drivers in the city usually focused attention to pedestrians walking along city lanes, that more likely includes cyclists too.

3. Non-wearing of safety helmets may or may not be a factor. This is a controversial issue. Overall, helmets are good for they reduce the incidence of head injuries among riders. Researchers wrote that wearing safety helmets in biking anywhere would enhance safety of bike-sharers.

The so-called “safety in numbers” theory reasons that the more bikers riding the road, the more aware of them drivers will become so the more riders mean fewer crashes. The safety in numbers benefit might be a factor in some point in the future but more facts are needed to establish this theory.

The report serves as a handy cycling safety manual for all: bike share or personal cycling. In summary: go slowly, carry a light, be careful and conscious of your cautious of your surroundings, always use safety helmet and, most important is to support putting up of more bicycle infrastructure and advocate slower vehicle traffic.

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