Southwest Philadelphia — Police reported that a child sustained injuries following a mishap between a dirt bike and a car in SW Philly.

According to the authorities, the accident happened around 4:00 o’clock Sunday afternoon near the corner of Whitby Avenue and 57th St.

The operator of the dirt bike told police that he was to evade a police helicopter during the time of the accident. The child transported to Philadelphia’s Children Hospital for minor injuries. The driver was delivered to the Presbyterian Medical Center of PA.

After the investigation, the police will decide to file or not file charges against dirt bike driver.

The danger of ATV’s and dirt bikes has been nagging Philly police who are after road safety. It was not the first time last Sunday when the police launched a citywide effort to eliminate ATVs and dirt bikes from city streets.

The popularity of ATV and dirt bike as a means for transportation is growing. An ATV, also called as all-terrain vehicle is a self-propelled vehicle having two or more wheels are used mainly in many off-highways or in off-roads. The law stated clearly that no ATVs and dirt bikes are allowed on public roads. ATVs are permitted to traverse across some highways. However, there must only be one rider. ATVs are allowed on the road shoulders of stated highways and municipal roads.

Two years ago, Philly police made a successful launched of city law aimed at removing illegal ATVs and dirt-bikes away from public parks and streets. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Administration reported last February that 11,688 people died in accidents involving ATVs. In fact, Pennsylvania was the third-deadliest state for ATV riders for much of the last 25 years, according to the data.

While riding dirt bikes on city streets is illegal, Police claim they don’t go after the riders when they spot them because it’s against department policy to chase a vehicle if they’re only committing a moving violation.

Some years ago, a local family mourned the death their teen son who died boy when dirt bike collided with a car.  Police learned that the victim identified as Jermaine Alexander, age 14, made a turn while riding the dirt bike at the intersection of Frankford and Butler when he crashed into the vehicle. Alexander was pronounced dead at the scene. Alexander’s family told authorities that they often told their son not to ride the dirt bike as it was dangerous.

Riding a dirt bike is dangerous both for young and old riders. Although laws have been filed, they are overlooked. It a waste when many lives are lost due to dirt bike riding.

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