There is a counter for permanent bicycle and pedestrians in Collingswood at the Cooper River Trail. This has played an important role in protecting the safety of both bikers and pedestrians of the area.

A cyclical bicycle count program was initiated by the Regional Planning Commission of 2014. For a week, bicycle counters were established at strategic locations along the nine county regions on varied types of bicycle facilities. Then the commission summarized the first round of cyclical counts that was finalized last year. Almost 150 locations have their counts taken. A smaller number of these locations will be accounted for once in three years based on schedules that would allow the DVRPC Commission to establish the trends of the regional pedestrian and bicycle traffic. You can find online all traffic count results from bicycle and pedestrian.

The first 5 bicycle traffic locations are:

1. 1673 bicycle traffic for South St Bridge

2. 1299 bicycle traffic for Spruce located between the 34th and the 36th

3. 1118 bicycle traffic for River Trail along Schuylkill at Conshohocken

4. 1062 bicycle traffic for Spring Garden located between the 7th and the 8th

5.1049 bicycle traffic for Pine between the 17th and the 18th

The number one count of bicycle traffic location was in the South Street Bridge. The highest number recorded was not a surprised to all. Although there will be other locations that can sometimes outperform the bridge. Next result might bring unexpected changes. Kelly Drive path on a warm sunny afternoon can accommodate up to 4,000 bikers.

Aside from the cyclical count program, DVRPC established permanent counters on 11 trails along the Circuit network. During the first year, the five highest count locations in 2014-2015 were all taken on the Pennsylvania side. The highest 5 permanent bike and pedestrian count locations are taken from the region.

Before the opening of the Manayunk Bridge, Cynwyd Heritage Trail counts were already taken. You can see how changeable are these number as gaps in the Circuit Trail are starting to fill. More changes will be expected.

Considered as one the top bicycle and pedestrian counting programs in the country, DVRPC was able to find a way to help transportation officials in making informed decision about various issues on investing in the regions active transportation system.

Benefits for Philly Bicycle Community are priorities in establishing the bicycle and pedestrian counting program, as well as assisting in implementing safety measures for Philly commuters.

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